Partners - Cristiana Grigorescu

Cristiana Grigorescu is specialized in commercial law. Throughout her career, Cristiana has provided legal assistance in areas related to employment, IT and communications, pharmaceutical industry, merger and acquisition projects, intellectual property, real estate operations, negotiations on and analysis of real estate transactions, company reorganization, bankruptcy procedures as well as other commercial issues.

After graduating from the Law Department of the University of Bucharest and the Franco-Romanian Law College for European Studies affiliated with Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne University, Cristiana further developed her legal knowledge and skills by undertaking difficult and complex projects for many important Romanian and international companies.

In order to broaden her understanding of wider economics and business matters and sharpen her English communication skills, Cristiana also pursued a Masters Degree in International Business at the Romanian Academy of Economic Sciences, several contract drafting courses in London and a program of Instruction for Lawyers in Boston (at Harvard University).